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Inquire Capitalism Database


We maintain an online catalog of archival resources for the study of the history of capitalism in the United States. The index is part of the Inquire Capitalism initiative here at UF, and seeks to provide a guide and basic information about archives and collections that might be of interest for business historians and other scholars that are writing about the history of capitalism. The majority of resources indexed are collections and archives within the United States, but the team of this initiative will work into expanding the geographic span of the catalog in the future. Please be sure to visit us regularly, as the index undergoes constant updates.

The majority of the items in the index at the moment refer to company archives. We are working on expanding this scope, and any suggestion or entry from the users of the index is welcome and will be entered. Please contact to suggest your addition.

We recommend that you check the Boolean option in the search box to retrieve as many results as possible from your search terms.