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Inquire Capitalism Internship Program in Digital Business History

“If I had done an Inquire Capitalism internship I might be sitting at the desk and not filing papers for this jabroni here.”

We are hiring two paid interns for the Spring 2021 Capitalism Internship Program in Digital Business History.  Students will earn $2,500 and 3 credits of HIS4944 over the semester. This paid internship  is designed to introduce undergraduate students to skills in Digital Humanities, in project management, and in corporate relations.


The Inquire Capitalism database is a curated searchable index of corporate archives. The project started at the end of 2018 and it is now live with approximately 900 entries. The database now allows scholars, students, archivists, and businesses to find where company archives are located, what industry-related archives might be open for research, or if businesses have records and collections housed in different institutions. When founded, part of the inquiry was to learn more about how corporate archives and corporate heritage was using and adapting to new digital technology. For this reason, the database also includes URLs to companies’ websites, digital archives, and companies’ history websites.

The Plan

The Inquire Capitalism intern will enroll in the UF History Department’s internship course, HIS4944, for three credits.  The main responsibility of the job will be roughly three to five hours a week of data entry and digital data curation. This includes populating spreadsheets with information about the location of corporate archives, some facts about the company, URL of company histories or digital archives, related keywords, and scholarship on the business or related bibliography. In addition, the intern will initiate or develop an independent digital project or work on a toolkit that can other scholars with instructions on how to use a digital tool such as Omeka. The intern will work remotely and connect regularly with the editor of the Inquire Capitalism database, Dr. Paula de la Cruz-Fernández, to receive a schedule and instructions on how to contribute to the website and also mentorship in regards to the independent digital project.


The Intern should be:

-A full-time student enrolled in the University of Florida

-Demonstrate an interest in business history, digital history, or both.

-Devote from 5 to 10 hours a week over the course of the semester in order to make Inquire Capitalism useful for scholars, archivists, and business.

How to Apply

The application process consists of two elements:

1. a brief letter of interest that outlines why you would like to take this internship and how it might help your career

2.  a brief resume

Please send these materials by email by November 1, 2020 to

The final two interns will be selected by Professor Sean Adams, and the editor of the Inquire Capitalism database, Dr. Paula de la Cruz-Fernández.

Questions?  Contact Sean Adams at